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How your choice in tableware can make-or-break your front of house design.

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Melamine Pizza Plates

We believe that first impressions are everything in the service industry!

An impeccable menu can wow potential customers in an instant, and keep them coming back time and time again; but it only takes one chipped plate, stained platter, or dirty bowl to deter guests from returning—permanently.

If a restaurant’s front of house design has not been meticulously detailed from top to table, customers will begin to look elsewhere for their out-of-home comforts. Combining this and the 2.4% drop on menu prices this year, service industry professionals are going to be out of pocket. Purchasing reliable tableware is the industry’s best kept secret to retaining a stable visual style that will last, and our 100% Melamine products provide a professional finish which guarantees longevity over other popular tableware materials.

Putting together an extraordinary front of house design is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects within the food service industry. Pressure is mounting on hotels and restaurants to create beautiful custom layouts for their guests, whilst maintaining practicality, affordability, and safety—as well as staying on trend. With almost three-quarters of restaurant chains looking to increase costs this year, Food & Beverage managers cannot afford to lose out on simple mistakes.

What a lot of companies don’t realise is that the style and atmosphere that is created within their creative bubble must also be reflected within their table presentation. Although various quirky accessories can complement the overall design into completion—from suspended birdcages, exposed lightbulbs, and fairy lights, to themed menus, food, and cocktails—the presence of dirty, chipped, unappealing, or out of place tableware can ruin an establishment’s entire aesthetic within seconds.

Ultimately, preserving a relevant, thoughtful front of house layout is endlessly important to paying customers, but cleanliness and hygiene are what will make each customer stay for another drink, and keep returning. However, hotels and restaurants often assume that durable and stain resistant tableware can only be presented with bland looks. Surely, tableware that maintains durability throughout consistent use cannot perfectly complete the style of your business. How is any business supposed to make the almost impossible decision of choosing between good looking tableware, and durable, long lasting tableware?

Thankfully, you don’t have to. In fact, a pleasing aesthetic and break resistance are not mutually exclusive features when it comes to certain brands—if you know where to look. Again, it all comes down to the product’s materials. The more widely used materials in tableware products—such as porcelain, stoneware, etc—can be heavy, fragile, and prone to an unexpected break. And transporting a large amount of these products at once is both difficult, and dangerous. Plus, trying to find a porcelain dinnerware set that matches an already established aesthetic, while staying cost effective, can prove challenging—this is where Melamine products come in to fulfil your requirements. Tableware products made from materials such as 100% Melamine ensure that durability and food safety are at the helm of food service.

Melamine tableware products are renowned for being extremely durable, chip, stain, and break resistant, and are guaranteed to be naturally BPA free and 100% food safe—allowing for a safe and hygienic service. The natural malleable quality of melamine also allows for incredibly unique designs. This feature allows our team of in-house designers to create new, bespoke products from the ground up with customer’s aesthetics in mind, allowing any hotel or restaurant to perfectly complete the front of house style that they are striving for.

Tableware should enhance any dining experience. By using good looking, well designed, quality products, such as our 100% Melamine collections, table and food displays come together to finish the front of house aesthetic, setting a perfect stage for creative presentations, and enhancing the overall experience for guests.

Putting together a food display for a buffet or meal is one of the key factors in upholding a strong front of house design, so it is also unendingly important for service staff to be trained on creating and presenting a table or buffet display correctly. Ensuring that proper training and demonstration has been carried out allows a hotel or restaurant manager to have some peace of mind knowing that their table settings have been carefully laid out, using both the tableware and food to their full extent.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to showcase our product collections to the Horeca sector, including training and demonstration appointments hosted by sector experts at our central London showroom. Sessions are strictly by appointment only, click here to book yours.

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